Friday, November 14, 2008

President Bush in NYC

After spending a few days in NYC I realized when the president arrives, the city suffers. It trickles down through traffic and ultimately affects everyones attitude. Yesterday, I was in a cab coming from Union Square back to my hotel at 53rd & Lex. What should have taken 10 minutes, 15 max, took nearly an hour. Then, upon my arrival I only tipped $2 because the cabbie took the LONGEST way possible. When he commented I told him those exact words, and what he heard was "LONG ASS way possible." After letting him go off for 30 seconds I informed him I said "LONGEST way possible," blushing, he sort of apologized. My point? President Bush was stressing him out. This was not the only repercussion of his visit. Cabs were nearly impossible to obtain, cabbies were P-I-S-S-E-D off, and traffic was unbelievable. Later that evening as I stepped out of Starbucks for a little boost, I was nearly killed by the racing police line of 50 or more police cars provided to protect our 43rd presidents security. Undoubtedly needed, but I wonder, what chaos is ensuing because of the lack of police security for the people that live here? I ponder, when the 44th president takes office, will it be worse or better? Does the hatred for Bush require more security or will the controversy over Obama make all the difference?

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Uncle Ebenezer said...

Ugh, an hour from Union Square to midtown? Ouch. I work near the United Nations building and I know when the President is in town, or when the Presidential candidates were here it was brutal.

I am surprised you stayed in the cab for so long while he was berating you. I would've said something really inappropriate, showed him a particular finger and gotten out. That must be the polite southern girl in you!