Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Generation X, stand up!

On the dawn of a new day I awoke with a sense of pride. Not just for my country, but for my generation. We, the "Generation X," have stood our ground. We are the generation of refusal to conform to the norm. We are a generation of creativity. We are the generation that refused to go inside on a beautiful day to be trapped in a cubicle. We revolutionized working from home. We demanded expansion of the world wide web, we urbanized cities. But most of all, we were the very first generation to be taught that its not the color of your skin which determines your worth, but the intelligence, drive and willingness to accept others that makes each of us the people we are. We are the first generation of women to stand up first in line, to raise our hand in class to be the first to answer, we are the women who are shattering the glass ceiling.
We "Generation Xers," are the future. Last night WE elected a president for a change. WE showed the world that we will not stand behind prejudice, we will not stand behind warfare, we will not stand for injustice. WE, the accepting, the open-minded, the unafraid to stand up for what we believe in, Generation X, the time for change has come. If each of you, Republican or Democrat, did not wake up today and realize what we had done, I request you watch the speeches of each candidate from last night. Our country was founded on the glory of acceptance. We are the "melting pot" of the world & finally the world can see that we stand not divided, but a union of people with a common pride for their country & democracy that will not falter.
For years, I have not be proud of my country. We have been the butt of jokes, the hypocrisy of nations, & loathed throughout the world. Today, I stand proud. Not just for the new president-elect, but for my generation. My generation will change the world & today I feel proud that I can be a part of that change. Stand up Generation X, today is a new day, a new world and OUR time to change the world.

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