Thursday, October 30, 2008

Questions of Party...

I have been pondering a thought since this monumentous election has begun. Why party? We all know of the Republican & Democrat parties. How about the Independent, Libertarian, or Socialist parties? I know you are probably thinking, "seriously, the Socialist party?" Its not about the party particularly, but why it is a joke that a competent candidate should rise to the level of a presidential candidate from one of them. Did you know there is a candiate from each of those parties running for president?
What happened to their chance? They aren't linked to either of the most powerful parties and they are relatively unknown. When you were voting for your student body president in high school or the president of your major in college, did you associate them with a particular party?
So why, when the most powerful leader in the free world is elected by our country does he or she have to be an elephant or an ass?

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